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   Analychem JB-4 Embedding Kits & Reagents

                   JB-4® Embedding
                     Kits & Reagents

       Water-soluble, GMA based plastic
       resin intended for use in the
       preparation of embedded samples
       for high resolution light microscopy.

      JB-4 does not require dehydration to
      absolute alcohol except for dense,
      bloody, or fatty tissue specimens.
      Clearing agents such as xylene and
      chloroform are not required. JB-4
      yields semi-thin sections (0.5µ-2µ)
      with excellent morphological

      Excellent for:

      Routine & Special stains
      Histochemical staining
      Small non-decalcified bone

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   JB-4® Embedding
     Kits & Reagents

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       With our professional , personal approach and our wide
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      AnalyChem is a premier provider of Polysciences chemical
      products in Canada. We ensure our clients receive exceptional
      service supported by our expert knowledge and experience.

      Our wide-range of products include specialty and fine chemicals,
      laboratory products, monomers, polymers, microscopy, histology,       biotechnology, electronics, and specialty products for pharmace-
      utical and personal care industries.

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      Polysciences, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of specialty and fine
      chemicals, laboratory products, monomers, polymers, microscopy,
      histology, biotechnology, electronics and specialty products
      for pharmaceutical and personal care industries.

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